Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tin-Can and Ball Animation

Finished the animation for my traditional animation class:

Supposed to void the bouncing ball of ANY personality, while the can is supposed to have a little character. Both are supposed to move across the screen with the can chasing the ball. Otherwise we were given free reign on how creative we could go.

Just to follow-up on 3D animation: It's alright, we're finally getting to Maya and right now doing a quick very rough model of a snowman(to practice "parenting" an object together) and then animating him(more emphasis on animation then modeling, just 3 stacked spheres and a top hat). After now spending a couple weeks animating with just a pencil and paper, it's a bit of an adjustment to now go back to 3D, going to spend some time just playing around in Maya this weekend to get back in the groove of things and maybe post Mr. Snowman when he's ready.
This next part will only make sense to a VERY small handful of people: I'm going to work a little more on that griffin character from last winter, hopefully, before film season really hits, I'll have my griffin character completely textured and once I get my 3D books again, maybe rig? But right now I'm just aiming for texture. I've been hearing that a couple of people are continuing their own 3D characters from last winter and now I'm hopping on the wagon as well. =)

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