Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stick Man Dance

Our next assignment for traditional animation is to make this character:

dance. As is, nothing added onto his stick structure aside from that hat(to practice follow-through!). And after many grueling hours today trying to make this guy dance to everything like Thriller to Cotton-Eyed Joe to Ballet to Charleston...I wish he wasn't a stick---cause they all look VERY bad...I think the Charleston one is salvageable though. The teacher showed us this clip awhile ago featuring Richard Williams and how Art Babbitt visited his studio and assigned the animators(Richard included) various exercises---one being making a stick man walk. While reflecting on this experience Richard Williams said how much he struggled with it because there's nothing to hide behind, it's a bare bone figure that doesn't allow for any fancy drawing skills. Your animation skills are all on the surface and completely exposed for anyone to see. After today's mini-battle, I can really see his point. It's certainly a fantastic animation workout and I highly recommend trying this out, but geez! This little stick figure needs to boogie and be getting down by Thursday---pressure is on. I'm very glad for yeah this is my current project, but I'm going back to the dorm(Internet is now officially in my cube! YAY!) now before the insane trumpets blasting outside in the gallery(there's about 12 inches of wall between the sounds of dying animals and me) give me a headache(even with headphones on I can still hear them.)

Oh yeah, it's raining! Finally fresh air that doesn't reek of smoke like it has been for the past few days.

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