Saturday, October 13, 2007

Picture Post

What's a good way to chill after a rousing game of dodgeball???? Photo update!

Our new animation assignment involves making a can and ball's the stack of paper for both characters:

And for my Mom: Here's a very rough example of an animation term: The arc, as demonstrated by Mr. Ball:

And for the curious, I never did take a picture of the stack of animation paper that made up my Dorkfish animation. The black line represents how thick it is!

Also for animation class, we have to design a character based off of a large animal. I went my obvious choice: GATORS!

And to keep the Disney magic going here's a picture that made the Story for Animators teacher laugh very hard:

For the class we have to read "Story" by McKee. Well we thought it'd be hilarious to "read" the book on Space Mountain, I'm very serious when I say this is NOT photoshopped in any fashion, they really did pull that book out and pose when the lights flashed. There are posters of this everywhere now. :) haha!


Josh said...

I wanted to play dodgeball tonigth but the 5 north was closed due to some fire or something... Hope it's cleared by tomorrow

Jennifer said...

Aww yeah, a couple people were late because of the traffic. Sorry you couldn't make it. Hopefully you can come next Saturday. =)

Janine said...

WOW! Look at those papers *_*
Will you be animating that alligator design?!? O_O
It looks very hard!
Are you getting enough sleeps after going to Calarts *_*
That space mountain photo is hilarious!!! lol

Jennifer said...

Janine-Haha, yeah I imagine I'm going to be using a lot of paper over the next few years. =)
Right now I'm not sure if I'm animating Mr. Gator, however, I really enjoy drawing him so if I do get the chance to animate him, I'll be perfectly happy doing so.
Lol, I'm getting plenty of sleep. I haven't pulled any all nighters and I'm averaging like 6-8 hours a night so it's not so bad. Just be sure to always keep up on the workload is all.