Sunday, October 21, 2007

Firey Update

The high winds around the area have helped fuel a wild fire in Malibu and in several other places in Southern California. The Malibu fire is about 40 miles from CalArts and around 3pm today we all felt the effects of the fire:

The high winds have caused a lot of debris to be blown around:

Branches everywhere....
Ash is being whipped around in the high winds(burns the eyes real fast) so anyone who is outside walks around squinting and holding something over their mouths. The smell of smoke is outside AND inside the main building....
Otherwise, I've just been working away on homework. I've finished the two major projects and am now finishing the smaller assignments.
For my design class we have to do paper-cut out silhouettes that all illustrate a similar theme. 7 panels, has to stand on its own, etc. I decided to bring a piece of Southern Oregon to CalArts and themed my project on: The Mall Food Court. Here are some quick pictures of it:

The morning Mall walkers!

When looking at it from one end to the other.

The never-ending line for food.

It starts out with empty tables, moves to the regular mall-walkers, then the people who only read at the mall, the people standing in line for food, people eating, people talking/really busy, and then the people leaving the mall with their bags of stuff. It was entertaining at least and I'm happy with how close the silhouettes look to my drawings.

The other big assignment was a 60 panel(minimum) storyboard about our character from last class(mine is a guy who is colorblind and names colored pencils) so I finished that off today. BEFORE he named colored pencils he worked at a grocery store---so I told that story instead. It's around 73 panels. Here's a quick picture of the finished stack:

Otherwise, I'm diving into Flash and roughing in my fox animation before I take him to pencil and paper. I also need to finalize a background since the teacher is putting some emphasis on design so after dinner---to Google images! =) Well ta ta for now!

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