Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Just continuing from Part 1:

After Tiki-Room we went to:

Haunted Mansion! Only this time around it has been changed to the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas! Here are a couple pictures of the interior, but heads-up, they're blurry---they still spin those carts like mad.

Blurry entrance picture! Pretty awesome. The elevator was pretty cool, the pictures were different from the originals and stretched to reveal some wicked Nightmare Before Christmas artwork.
Here's a little video of the dining hall sequence. You can actually still see the ghosts randomly dancing between the presents after the table*that's what we're laughing about in the video, someone made a hilarious comment related to that*(probably can't see the ghosts in this video version, but in the original file I have, you can)

And now, 2 of the "better quality" pictures taken while in the car:

Singing pumpkins!

HUGE animatronic Oogie Boogie to send us on our way! He replaced the Hitchhiking ghosts and instead of ghosts in the mirrors--you get a nasty nightmarish treat. haha.

Overall, it's pretty cool. I do like the original a tad better because the moods of these two rides are COMPLETELY different. Original ride: very spooky, dark, all kinds of intericate details, cool effects etc. Holiday version: still dark, but a little more jolly. Some of the rooms did come off with a: "eh who cares, this is coming down in a matter of time" kind of impression, but it still was pretty cool(the singing pumpkins and the animatronics of Jack and Oogie Boogie were pretty sweet and I wish the photos weren't so blurry of Oogie, he was awesome as an ending scene). But yeah it's just jarring going into Haunted Mansion expecting one version and suddenly go in and it's very "happy" compared to the way I've always experienced it.


*the fact that these two are really close to where I was standing when I took both of these pictures is a complete accident....haha. Though it's really cool huh?*

SPLASH MOUNTAIN! Just outside pictures. I'm not crazy enough to take my camera out during the ride, my left side was soaked---and I was in the back(big wave came up on the back left side after the drop and got me). The person in the front was drenched! When we came back out it was suddenly nightfall. We rode rides like the Winnie the Pooh one, and then headed back towards Fantasy Land. Here are just some general pictures of the park at night:

A whirl of carrousel lights!

In the end, we ended up at:


I think they're ready to rock that cup! It's all serious business in that pink cup! They spun that cup like mad! After the ride ended they all nearly fell out of there and were completely disoriented! Go fellow animators!

After Tea Cups we went to:

Small World....I have video, but it's too big for any uploader service so here's just a quick picture. =) This ride hasn't changed at all...still enjoyable without any remakes. It was nearing 8 pm by now so we headed back towards Dumbo and other rides and quickly made our way to one ride in particular----Peter Pan!

It was a 45 minute wait, but it was worth it and the long line gave me oodles of time to sketch.;) Disneyland is the reigning champiion of life drawing! So many golden opportunities of caricature! I'll post my favorite sketch at a later time...this particular couple were brilliantly fit for Disneyland. haha. Anyways, back to Pan:

*Camera with no flash is a sad camera, but the pictures are kind of cool*

By now it was nearing 9:30 and the group decided to head back to Space Mountain. A friend and I weren't too fond of waiting in another 45 minute line and decided to split from the group and ride Pirates just one more time. The lines were extinct! We just walked right onto a boat and snagged the back row. So my last ride of the day was indeed Pirates of the Caribbean. =) We still had time to kill since the other group was still at Space Mountain and also wanted to go on Buzz Lightyear's Astro-Blasters one more time, my friend and I just browsed shops and bought little goodies for family(Mom, Robert, and Greg: you guys are in for some fun stuff I assure you!) So around 11 we met up with the rest of the CalArtians for some waffle-cone icecreams on Main Street. We hung around and talked animation, browsed the windows, and toured a really cool gallery that had some original artwork from modern artists. And then around midnight we headed back out of the park and on our way back to CalArts.

Heading out of the park

Ratatouille Window Display! SOOOO cool! Linguini and Remy were spinning around, replicating that particular scene from the movie where Remy practices cooking with Linguini. This display actually has a couple hidden treasures too! That wine bottle on the fridge has a brand of "Lasseter" and that clock is hopefully an intended A-113 CalArts' reference!(see the hands that point to 11 and then 3!) Everyone geeked out when someone spotted the clock! haha. Great way to end the trip.

Anyways, this was certainly an experience to remember and it was a lot of fun being back at Disneyland! I know we're certainly planning on going back once films are turned in and job fair finishes up around May and before everyone goes back home so it outta be another grand adventure and hopefully Indiana Jones will be open again! Well I have class in a bit and these two posts took MUCH longer then I anticipated and I didn't even include every last detail! Well over and out!


Janine Chang said...
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Janine said...

Lucky! I love disneyland! *_*
It must've been more fun with all the Character animation people! Does all freshmens go? Or was it your class in particular who decided to go???

It's a small world is the cutest ride ever! I love Mary Blair lol

Well keep up the good work in Calarts and also writing this blog! It makes me want to Calarts even more lol~ Thanx!!!

Jennifer said...

Yeah Disneyland is quite the unique and entertaining experience with a bunch of other character animators. haha.
Our class decided to go just on our own. A couple people and myself wanted to do something on our day-off and a trip to Disneyland was decided on. The actual school/department had no part in the planning of the Disneyland trip.

Aww thank you very much, I'm certainly enjoying keeping everyone up-to-date with the going ons of CalArts. =) Yeah I remember what it was like reading Mario's journal of his experiences and just wanting to fly down to CalArts that very instant. =) lol! Well you're quite welcome and good luck with your portfolio this year! I'll be sure to keep an eye on your blog!