Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dorkfish Debut!

Alright! Here he is:

I do still like some parts and it does convey fish, so success???

The parts that really stick out to me and continue to bother me: the action where he's actually yanking on the hook loses all sense of weight and he's a little jumpy in some bits and then that hook animation was done in a record 5minutes so it's bad--just to name a few, but he does swim okay and I had fun with his expressions and that tail fin. =) Still I'm terrified to present him tonight, because my eye is just being relentless at this point and I know the teacher is going to gently point out the weight issue...oh well can't do anything at this point, it's done. I hear we're going to be animating a bouncing ball and then give a tin-can some personality while it bounces as well.


Car2oon said...

I dont know, I think it came out great. The fish really comes across as lively, and the nibbling he did to the hook really sold it for me.

Janine Chang said...

It looks great to me!