Friday, August 31, 2007

And AWAY I go!

Well the car is almost loaded up(I've been going since 5:30 this morning! Just couldn't go back to sleep so I stayed up), just a few boxes left and now I just need to pack away the computer stuff so it's officially California here I come! =)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's the FINAL countdown...

So this is my last night in Oregon for a long time....I'm spending it frantically running around trying to pack everything into alright cramped boxes while also trying to clean my room and hoping I haven't forgotten anything(at this point I'm sure I have, but I'm not going to fret. I'll deal with it when the time comes). Going to make a big ol' photo post soon so watch out, until then it's back to packing! 3pm tomorrow my step-dad and I hit the road!

In official CalArts' related news: I finally received a conformation saying I'm clear to register for classes next Friday, I also found out that ALL of my classes have transferred and I only have 12 critical study credits remaining instead of the full 48 like most incoming students. Much celebration to be had by my Mom and I. Okay, seriously going back to packing now....over and out---

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flash Animations

Here are a couple animations I completed throughout my year at SOU, all animated in flash and all frame-by-frame. As a side note, let them play through one time, they all seem a little off(particularly the dialogue test) the first time around. ;)

First up, the animation I submitted to CalArts in the Fall of 2006. I left it untouched so this is hopefully what the CalArts staff saw:

The Mouse Trap

Next are just a couple animations I did during Spring term, one involves a goat and the other focuses on a floursack:

And it's up he goes!

Floursack Goodness

This final animation involves practicing lipsync. The soundclip is from "The Libertine" starring Johnny Depp. I do have a version that is fully colored, but it's chopped up and spread throughout a demoreel(I would upload the demo-reel, but the sound is just butchered), instead you get a rough animation followed by a cleaned-up version. :)
Batty Dialogue

Well there ya have it! Now my Flash animations have finally hit the blog! Okay, back to the millions of other things I SHOULD be doing...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Continuation of a figure less than Greek...

So ends my time at Target(for now, there's a chance I might work over winter break). ONE WEEK AND I HEAD OFF! It's really happening isn't it???

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give thee....

The odd-ball animal pals that inspire me to no end; pardon the often poor lighting or blurriness, gotta get used to this camera!

First up is mister Kiwi himself:

Otherwise(as he says it himself) known as "PeeWee"

Eating an apple is serious business.

The many sides and emotions of Kiwi:

Yes quite cute eh? He will act all cute and innocent just to get your guard down. Lurking behind the fluffy cute face is this:

He has attacked our cat(when she was a kitten, she hasn't mentally recovered since and is terrified of the big green meanie). If you ever have the chance to meet Kiwi, keep your fingers at bay----conures make a lovely, yet deadly addition to any household. ;)

Okay, now for the big ol' indoor cat---Annie! Or more commonly known as: Chubbs, Crater(she leaves these HUGE imprints on couches and beds, leaving the family to say "She's landed"), Cry-baby, and a bunch of other names---right now her new one is Butter Boat. My Mom and I have decided she's an emotional eater because whenever she's very upset(which happens a lot, anything spooks or angers her) she'll go right to the food bowl. We honestly feed our cats well, I'll post a picture of our other cat just to prove Annie is the exception to our healthy cat family.
Here are some less than flattering shots of the silly girl:

"Wanna play???"

OMG HIDE!(Yeah that's the leg of a chair)

"Woah dude, wha happened!"

And just to show her semi-elegant side, here:

So now, here's Frankie our other cat:

See quite normal(this picture was taken in late February so he still had his winter coat on, see all fluff!)
Wonder why he's called Frankie? Well he's named after ol' blue eyes himself:

Yeah, Frankie IS normal cat size this:

is NOT! Poor little emotional eater, my Mom wants to put her on a diet while I'm away, just to see if there's any change in her appearance when I visit. ;)

Well there ya have it....artwork on the way I promise, just 8 shifts left at Target and 19 days until CalArts!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Farewell for now....

Dropped Kiwi off at his new owner's house this morning....the logical side of me knows it is for the better and this new house is exactly what he needs, fantastic parrot-friendly home. He'll be a happy little fuzz-ball, however, my more emotional side thinks differently and I haven't exactly been myself since giving him away. The plan will be that he'll come live with me in 4 years, a dorm is no place for the green meanie. Still hard, having him since I was kid, I have a lot of memories of him----but since he's supposed to live into his 30's and even 40's he still has a lot of life left(he's 8)!

This day also brings news that CalArts updated their website to include the upcoming school year schedule for Character Animation, when my mind is off of Kiwi, this makes me very excited and giddy with the possibilities of what my schedule might look like come Sept! Now if only they'd actually send me my class schedule so I know who else will be in my classes and who's teaching it. =)

No artwork today, just not in the mood. Probably go put on Indiana Jones and chill.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is your figure less than Greek?

Well this post will teach me NOT to delay scanning my little caricatures-a-day in. So massive image-heavy post ahead----ye be warned matey! The title of this post is just too perfect--makes me laugh when thumbing through my sketchbook.

So these first two are from the recent final Harry Potter book release midnight release party, I drew around 8 pages of various people, but kind of had a bad night and these two are my sole highlights:

A wee Potterlad

A really convincing Rita Skeeter

This next one is a quick study of my parrot as he enjoys a favorite past time: a finger massage and a playful finger wrestle(where the goal is to catch my finger and chew on it*not to the point of pain though*):

The rest of the lot are all Target customer studies. I know there's a bit of a gap between dates, but this is due to the cancellation of a class I was REALLY looking forward too, so this caused several days to be added onto my Target countdown so once I came down to the 30 day mark again I started the caricatures again(if that makes any sense), still 21 days left to capture the essence of southern Oregon. ;)

Okay, I promise to be better about actually updating on the day I draw one of these characters!