Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun is over

CalArts hasn't evacuated yet, but if the winds change:

^-----This one was taken on the steps of CalArts. So it's right across the highway and just over the mountains.

Planes are flying overhead every couple of minutes.

Picture of the fire that's North of us.

That's all heading our way. There's about 3 fires that are dangerously close now: Left, right, and just North of campus.....we are supposed to receive official word on how the rest of the week goes any minute now. Various parts of Valencia are evacuating and everybody is packing just to be safe. Yikes.

Edit: For now, CalArts is again closed just for tomorrow. Classes are canceled, etc. Tomorrow is also supposed to be the last day of these nasty winds, so hopefully by Wednesday the firefighters will have a better chance to fight back.

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Rose said...

You're doing a good job keeping those of us back home updated, Jen.