Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Quick Update

My Grandma and Chuck visited today, that was a lot of fun and it was great having them come by. =) Got an insider's tour of the animation department and met a couple other freshmen.

Also there are some pretty concrete plans of going to Disneyland with a bunch of other freshmen on Monday(three day weekend for Cal Arts so we're going to celebrate in style!) so I'm going to finish off the homework and hopefully get to spend Monday at Disneyland with a whole group of animators! If possible, we're going to go hit the animation building in California Adventures and be complete dorks. ;) Absolutely bringing my camera along!

Otherwise, just working away at homework. I haven't worked on "DorkFish" since Sunday so no update there. I'm going to spend some MUCH wanted quality time with the animation and hopefully get him all polished and fishy by tomorrow night. I'm just craving to get back onto that project....haha. Until then here's some artwork to tide you over:

First up is a drawing for my perspective class, based on my big ol' fat cat Annie(go back a ways and I have a post with some pictures of the chub-monster) who LOVES to prop herself up against a wall(she's too fat to sit up like a normal cat, one false move and she ROLLS over...it's hilarious and pathetic at the same time) and watch the world go by. The teacher was apparently amused enough by this drawing that if you happen by the character animation hallway you'll be seeing this shocked fat cat staring at you from behind a plastic display like case along with several other pieces from the perspective class.

Remember Ian? Well I had to create a vignette of him for my storyboard class. The teacher later had us switch our character with someone else so Ian is no longer mine and instead I'm going to be creating projects based on a character called Mark who gives color pencils creative names, however he's colorblind. haha going to be fun. Well anyways, here's Ian battling a limp marionette with his ever-mighty wizard puppet:

Well going to go have some dinner before I endure another round of 3D animation(of lack thereof) class.......If we don't finish presentations tonight, I'm going to go insane! I WANT LT. DAN BACK! On this 3D note though, Wall-E has another sneak preview thing up on Yahoo! and when talking with another freshmen I learned that Wall-E is going to be ASTOUNDING(he knows two people who work for Pixar and from what they could reveal, they are very pleased with the movie). Plus, Andrew Stanton is the director! He created one of my favorite movies--Finding Nemo! Well until tomorrow night then......

Just a quick side note: A big hello to the new people who are finding my little blog! The comments you guys are leaving here are greatly appreciated and when I have more than 5 minutes I'll give you a much deserved reply. =) Well thanks again for stopping by and if you want more posts regarding something in particular let me know!


Car2oon said...

Wow, reading all this is just so inspiring! This blog is as in-depth, if not more so than Mario's journal! Really, keep it up.

I do have some questions though- Is it true that all the freshmen there are generally in their 20's? And how many freshmen were accepted for your class anyway? Do you know how many applied for Character Animation last year?

whoo said...

yea i was curious! how old are they? freshmens>??? lol
Disneyland sounds like FUN! O_O