Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

A plaid-wearing Mrs. Clause, someone dressed in reindeer antlers(they were kind of small to begin with.), aaaannnndddd an elf in a official Hooters' shirt(yes, the shirt had more on the back, but I ultimately chose to depict him from the "front"). I couldn't ask for you can see, I've been spending some quality time at the food court. So since I probably won't be making a post before then, here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Extra bonus of holiday shoppers:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catching up.....

The final roundup of LAX sketches. I had a little over an hour before my plane boarded---after drawing for awhile I started playing the game of "Who looks like they're going to Oregon?"....and turns out the two plaid-wearing guys were. On my return flight from Oregon to LAX, the guy in the pink shirt was also on that same flight too--along with his friend Danny who was sportin' a Three Stooges t-shirt for the early morning trip(it was about 5:30 in the morning when I drew him).

And then on Black Friday I hit up the ol' mall foodcourt to draw the true Oregonians. Lots of interesting characters and I can't wait to start drawing the holiday crowds in just a matter of days! The fall semester at CalArts has pretty much ended...things are starting to really calm down so now I'm focusing on taking care of last minute business and packing up. I'll be driving home this time so no more airport drawings....but plenty of foodcourt time planned. Anyways, I thought I'd finally share the two dialog tests that have been taking up most of my time---

I've included my first pass, and then the final pass for both tests. Now, there's a long list of things I'll be fixing on both the cow and beaver, but for now, this is where they stand. When I come back in school in January I'll be addressing the issues these have. But I really enjoyed working on them and overall, feel like I learned a ton--not only from these two, but from the whole semester. I'll get into that more when I post up my actual "End of the Semester" report--but I'm going to do that once I've arrived in Oregon. For now, off to wrap some presents and get ready for tonight's Character Animation Holiday Party. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mini-Crunch time

So since my last post several things took place--I was lucky enough to attend CTN for one. I'll probably be elaborating on most of my recent activities during Winter Break---for now, it's definitely mini-crunch time and I'm spending my day either animating or wrapping up my story/animatic for my film. To keep things semi-lively around here I'll be updating with the drawings I did over Thanksgiving break. I took a plane back home and it was wonderful spending some time back in ol' Oregon. Had a really great time catching up with friends and enjoying some very delcious food with family. Cannot wait until Winter Break, I'm craving the "Southern Oregon scene" a lot right now.

All these people were in LAX. The black and white drawing of the guy on the ukulele with the woman/baby has a very cute story. Baby was crying and this stranger sitting near-by pulled out his ukulele and started playing---little baby was completely fascinated. The rest of the group were certainly entertaining--like the "Bedazzled Babe" as I've dubbed her, she was decked out in a gem-studded jean jacket, complete with a glistening belt. She was headed to Vancouver, so lookout Canada. And then just a study I did on the plane flying up North.

I'm currently figuring out the design for my next dialogue homework in traditional animation. It involves a baby beaver and I can't wait to start animating--he's going to probably change a bit in the next week or so, but he'll be somewhere in the neighborhood of the top beaver's look. I do have a previous dialogue test--but I just need to fix a few things before I'm ready to scan/upload it here. Should have it up by Thursday. Anyways, that's all for now, I've got a few guest lectures to catch-up on--Pete Sohn, who directed Partly Cloudy, visited on Friday and gave one very awesome lecture, so those notes will be up ASAP.