Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dumbledore's man through and through

So I begun my Harry Potter reading at the age of 11, didn't have a CLUE as to how popular the book would become, I found the paperback version of Sorcerer's Stone at a local school book fair and was hooked after reading that description of Uncle Vernom. And now on July 21st, 8 years later, I've finished the series.....

The FINAL Harry Potter book: begun around 9:45 a.m. after a mad dash to the nearest Albertsons, and I finished it at 11:50p.m. with a couple breaks inbetween to try and digest the massive bulk of book. Many favorite bits and seeing some loose ends taken care of was nice....gotta read this again and at a much slower pace haha....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hang around til the leaves are brown and summer's gone

Oh goodie another update! Summer is summer, full of ups and downs, stress is rearing its ugly face, but I'm putting up quite a battle. haha.....So in the dwindling days I've been working and taking care of misc. stuff while also getting away from it all and trying to hang out with people and also draw---a lot. Thunderstorms for the past 2 days have been entertaining, one at home and one at work, recorded a bit of the one at home on my camera so I can look back at it fondly, lol and enjoyed the excitement at work---this little kid was HILARIOUSLY excited yet terrified of the storm, it was sooooo cute and I automatically started logging away her actions and manner---she was the regular weathergirl she was talking about 100 mph about the poweroutages, the movement of the storm, and how this affected her sleep schedule, and as she left she reached a very loud volume and was only repeating "TERRIBLE NEWS FOR CENTRAL POINT! TERRIBLE NEWS" aww made the VERY long shift a unique one. Artwork wise ? Well I finished a commission and I'll post the blurry version of it , horrible lighting and all!

He's a big guy, 30"x40" ALL pencil, I did take nicer photos, but since he no longer belongs to me, I'll refrain from posting. I'm relieved he's done, not the best experience ever, but the finished result and the commissioner's reaction was worth it though(the person loved it and can't wait to hang it in their bedroom). I have doodles and caricatures, but I have a plan. I have 35 days left at ol' Target, I plan on spending 30 of these days doing a caricature a day, one customer who came through my lane, or dropped off film, or returned something unique, anything that left a lasting impression---so I'll draw this one person and post the result. Outta make the remaining days entertaining and at the very least go by THAT much faster, plus exterminate the rust that has taken hold of my hand(not bad, but I'll be in serious trouble when Sept. comes). So look out world, you're about to be hit with Southern Oregon's best. ;) Okay, I'm worn out did a lot today and after closing last night, I'm exhausted, time to read some more Harry Potter(8 DAYS TILL THAT BOOK COMES OUT!!!) and then sleep.