Friday, October 19, 2007

Maya woes

Three simple words sum-up why I now prefer working with pencil and paper animation over 3D animation:

"Unrecognizable File Type" was only 2 hours of work, but the snowman was looking so good before Maya crashed and corrupted the file.

Also, the Maya on this campus crashes, freezes, and displays the rainbow-swirly of death(which means I HAVE to force quit the program) at least every 5-10 minutes(the teacher warned us that this Maya is buggy, he's completely right). I swear I wasn't asking much of the computer or Maya, I would normally just be scrubbing through the time line and poof---it would quit itself or display the infamous swirly. I cower in fear over what these computers are going to do when we actually have to RENDER something. I want to be back in the SOU mac lab now....

Time to go watch the new Office episode on youtube and have some dinner before going in for round 2.


Tessa Scroggin-Lake said...

Hi Jen!
Tessa here from SOU. Maya is not crashing here perhaps their network there leaves something to be desired. Well... I have looked in on you several times but did not have time to leave a message. But as usual love to see your stuff. Trish, Casey and Matt are all in Miles 2D class Trish and Case are rigging their Maya pieces. Matts working with me in Flash. Its fun and we miss you but after seeing the reels from the school Im jealous clearly you guys are kicking animation booty. They started a new College here called Digital Media Foundations very cool, Dennis (photo journalism), Mark (Cinema), Miles. Big Fun Im TA in Dennis' lab just to get the experience.

So how's everything else going? You will be around for Christmas right? If you want to say Hi you can reach me at
case you dont remember Im the grandma that came into class winter term. LOL

Jen keep up the great work!


yezix said...

Oh man Jen, Maya woes indeed; not because of crashing systems, but just computer animation in general. I'm cramming for a 3D deadline here and all I can think about while sitting in front of the computer is how much more enjoyable my 2d animations have been. I need to go doodle just to balance myself out.

Hope everything is great at CalArts!

yezix said...

Ou, loved your fish by the way :)