Sunday, October 14, 2007


I actually set some time aside to work on my film today and guess what??? My animatic is certainly coming together. Still rough and doesn't exactly match what an animatic is supposed to be like, but it's meeting 90 seconds perfectly and hopefully everyone will understand what's going on once I share it. =) Quite excited and thrilled to be making this much progess on my film. Sadly, I'm not going to share a whole lot about the actual film on here. I'm keeping the number of people who know about the entire plot relatively small. For now, here's a quick storyboard snap-shot:

I wonder what he's up to. ;) Otherwise, people keep pulling the fire alarms around here. One this morning in the main building and then around 8 at night in the dormitories. It's getting rather annoying(they're not drills because 1) it's Sunday and no one except students are around and 2) the coast is clear every time.)

I'm sure a lot of people have heard about the big accident that happened on the I-5 over the weekend....when I went off campus today I could see the HUGE line of traffic stretching as far as I could see. They've also closed all of the exits around the area so no one can get onto the highway. Really terrible.

Well I'm off to go read "Girl Interrupted" for my critical studies class....wish I could keep refining my film. Oh well, night.

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