Friday, October 5, 2007


=) Can't wait to see little Wall-E!

Hey Mom....Mister Cry-Baby is about to hit the big screen soon! And he really is singing this time around! haha.

The release of these two trailers, sadly enough, made my day. Last night was pretty cool though, the critique went just fine, he enjoyed it and liked the underwater feel and the tail-fin. Plus he commented on how much personality the fish had, otherwise he mentioned that I need more variation on the speed of Dorkfish's movements towards the beginning---too even(which it is, seeing as it's all shot on 2's until he bolts forward to the hook) so just a couple frames on 1s and it would fix the issue. After the critique of everyones' fish he showed some of his rough animation from Osmosis Jones(the little alien that's the sole eye-witness at the scene of the crime, in particular), let us flip through a xerox copy of the actual animation so I could see the little guy move step-by-step, and brought in various model sheets, concept art, and misc. artwork from various animated movies(Quest for Camelot, Pinocchio, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, etc.) So those parts were really cool to see up close and in person!

Welp, otherwise just a lot of homework to finish up before Monday(Disneyland better be prepared for the havoc that's going to ensue! haha.). I realized earlier today how unreal it is overhearing the general tours that take place at CalArts every Friday afternoon(people interested in CalArts can tour the campus and see the various departments. So since the character department just echoes with every last noise, it's easy to hear when a tour is taking place down below in the character animation hallway). I vividly remember being apart of that prospective group and just being floored by the place(still am in many respects.) Very weird to think that just over 3 years ago I visited CalArts for the VERY first time, and now just this afternoon, while a tour took place, I was fiddling away on a pencil test machine. =)

Also, congratulations California, you're becoming more like Oregon every day! It was pretty windy today with a mix of sun and clouds, however, when walking back to my dorm to get something---it started raining--freaked my roommate out a little and just entertained me. Still doesn't beat the time when I was a kid and I was standing at the bus stop with my brother- It was pretty sunny out and out of nowhere it started snowing. Pretty random....well before the suite mates hog the bathroom again I better make a run for it, and secure that sink unless I want to wait another hour before the coast is clear.

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