Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Night Madness

So just a follow-up, it's not incredibly bad here. I'm probably making it sound more exciting then it really is. In reality, I'm really safe...the fires are still around, but not a sign of a single flame. It's the smoke I have to watch out about. The smoke is making it seem like the fire is right at the doorstep, when in reality it's still pretty far away---the wind has even died down a lot so it's a lot calmer outside. What I'm up to the rest of the night: watching Jurassic Park in the Palace with a bunch of other freshmen. =) I'll be posting Mr. Fox tomorrow, just to prove I did go indoors and wasn't outside running around inhaling the smoke.

Edit: Here are some more pictures starting from around 6pm...

This last one was shot around 11:30 at night. See the VERY bright orange speck in the center there? That there is fire on the horizon. I'm going to guess that it's the "Magic Fire" that's threatening Six Flags and about(according to Google Map) 2.8 miles of right now that is definitely the closest fire--and it's only 20% contained. The picture was taken from the balcony of CalArts' main building...You can definately see some flames as proven by this picture. Well here's hoping for an uneventful night and hopefully tomorrow will be a successful fire-battling day.

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