Sunday, September 23, 2007

You want photos with that????

A rainy Saturday at CalArts:

Finished more homework and such, managed to find someone with a car and now my mini-fridge is full once more with delicious food. =) I'm already very sick of the cafeteria food, the hot-cocoa is delicious along with the deli-sandwiches served ONLY M-F at like 12, come after 2 and the sandwich area is closed. But that grill....good for maybe the first 3-4 days I was here, now I'm taking the advice from the upperclassmen and avoiding that grill. ;) ANYWAYS! MORE PHOTOS YES????

My animation disc NOW with the power of light!

My homework for perspective, the above is a full shot and below is a closer shot. Poor lighting ahoy!

And the next two shots involve my all-time favorite machine that I've spent a lot of time at:

The pencil test machine, or the lunchbox! Basically I can test my animation to see how it's going and to also record a finished animation onto a VHS tape, it's addicting to use. I'm pretty comfortable with all of those little buttons on that little box on the second shelf down from the TV. =)

Well that's it, nothing very exciting going on. I didn't play dodgeball tonight because 1)everything on campus is soaked and I didn't want to get whacked with a wet rubber ball and 2)a lot of people are catching the cold, so running around in the cold, wet weather would NOT help me stay even remotely healthy. Instead, I stayed inside, worked on my many assignments, and hung around with several other freshmen who also wanted to avoid the oncoming cold plague(we were promised on day one, that if one person got sick---the ENTIRE department would be hit. So far it's coming true.) And with that final thought--NIGHT! =D

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