Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ride the Brain Buster!

So here it is! My silly roller coaster...already not a big fan of it, but it's alright. I still like the beginning and the first loop and the other freshmen seem to enjoy making various sound effects when they see it (I had about 5-7 people randomly show up next to me and a chorus was born.)

(Shot on my video camera because there's no way I have the time to individually scan at least 150 drawings in and edit them together to look like this, Jiminy taught me the pain of that process REAL quickly.)

Here are a couple pictures I took:

And the lovely stack of animation paper all occupied with 3 little rectangles zipping all over the place. :P

Far from perfect(I've tried fixing that ending several times, but it never wants to look right. For now I guess it's just the relief of the carts at finally reaching the end). Rumor has it we'll be designing/animating a fish for our next assignment, so that'll be entertaining. :) I'm beginning to wonder if he's actually going to have us animate any flour sacks or bouncing balls at all this semester. Until then I've got some reading and a questionnaire to do for my Friday story class and then back to all of the fun drawing homework that's due throughout next week.


Sam said...

Wow! That's a pretty cool animation, the tempo is really nice. I think it's really neat your going to CalArts, since I hope to go there or another animation school once I graduate. I followed Mario F.'s blog for a while, but since he's graduated I'm going to follow yours! Great work and continue having a great year!

Cali said...

Haaaaaa that rocks!!! I love it :P My sound effects went like this: