Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Happy National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Sadly, no one on campus participated in this glorious event(same thing happened last year when I had a 9 hour shift at Target and no one to ARRG or AHOY to!). So except for my Mom who actually reminded me why today was special---we were the only true pirates. ;) Psst Mom....I totally wore that necklace you put in that secret package. ;) Forgot to tell you that over the phone. Cry-Baby ahoy! Haha.

To keep with today's theme: I FINALLY recieved my own SWEET little piece of pirate treasure! My dear ol' animation disc has finally made it to my cube! Pictures of my precious to come over the weekend(super busy tomorrow, 7 hours of life drawing and then 3 hours of traditional animation).

Otherwise, classes are fine. The computer labs now officially have Maya licenses(8.5), so I've been refreshing my memory and my teacher will be happy to know I do remember most of the keyboard shortcuts and am finding all kinds of goodies(they have fur and hair textures to play with!). My CalArts' 3D teacher, Ellis, is as caffeinated as ever. Yeah----I'm not going to go over details about the class on here, but so far--------

I miss being back in this room(bad lighting and all.) I'm just dying to get back to Oregon and share everything with you guys. CalArts is great and more then I could have ever imagined(I can just walk into a certain character animation office hallway and see original drawings by Glen Keane among other famous animators and animation directors), but still....oh well, I've got a slew of homework to keep me busy and I really am having a fantastic time here----and in my other classes I am learning a LOT. So until I post pictures of my completed animation desk, here have a sketch I did for an upcoming perspective assignment: we have to draw 3 characters---one standing, one sitting, one on top of a box---all the same character(but in different areas of the picture plane) and preferably something small like a squirrel, so I went with BATS*this one is a highly addicted fruit bat*! Here's the one I'm going to use for the standing pose:

Just going to redraw him onto a larger piece of paper, then ink and color the little guy along with the 2 other poses I have him in.

Well night mateys! And with less then an hour to go until it's no longer Talk like a Pirate day: GO WALK THE PLANK! :P

Forgot to add this on: My suitemates take the longest showers in the history of mankind. I just want the sink, but I'm locked out until she finishes with her multi-shower cycle! :( This twisted tale of her shower cycle, can only be told in person.....until then----HURRY UP---YOU'RE CLEAN ALREADY! YOU DID THE SAME THING THIS MORNING! D:
*I wrote that last bit at 11:32, it is now 12:20 on my computer and they just finished!* AHHHH!

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