Friday, September 21, 2007

Rain and Discs!

Another week at CalArts has gone by in a flash and an intense weekend of epic homework battles begin....though I have finished some pieces, about 85% done on others, and I'm leaving the reading and writing for Sunday. :P I hope to finish all of this so I can start working on my film again---my brain is bursting with the possibilities of portraying the exact same main basic plot that I've been working on over the summer. Already need to re-do a majority of my storyboards, scan those in, find out if it DOES meet the 90second limit and then start running it by people. A lot of upperclassmen are starting to hunker down and get into film mode as well.

So the Oregon weather has kind of caught up with me, it's been in the lower 70s and cloudy all week and today it finally rained! The main building smells of rain and venturing outside is very refreshing after spending WAY too many hours indoors. :) Fall is on the way, but knowing California(and of course does apply to Oregon, but I'll be visiting when it's guaranteed to be cold and wet) it's probably just a taste of cool weather and then it'll hit the upper 90s again. :P
Quick update at 11:45ish at night: Upgrade that rain to a DOWNPOUR and thunder and lightning RIGHT over my dorm. Lights flickering and such. Very awesome while trying to figure out a way of storyboarding a restaurant scene for a class. haha. Okay, back to the regular scheduled post:

And on a final note and to keep my promise:

FEEL the animation energy! Too bad I forgot to take a picture when the little light under the disc is turned on----oh well maybe tomorrow when I take a picture of my bat homework. :) I've already animated on the little guy---it involves roller coasters and quite fun! Good spacing and timing practice, too bad our teacher told us to make the roller coasters physically possible or else I could have created the ultimate brain buster! hahaha, mine still is pretty bad, but I'm sure you'd live(I may or may not post the animation since every animation I try to post is one big uphill battle). Well night everyone!

P.S. A quick shout-out to my Aunt for her lovely cards that are finding the way to my mailbox! =) They are very inspiring and I enjoy reading them, so Thank You again and glad you enjoy the blog updates!

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