Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 3

Wow! Wednesday has come and gone.....CalArts basically eliminates all sense of what day it is. I can bet it's only going to get MUCH worse once classes actually start, and on that note, totally can't wait.

So today I got my I.D. card, toured the character animation department again(but more in-depth with an actual upper class men), received a warm welcome from the department, met some of the teachers, saw what JUST my character animation schedule will be like(15 credits of pure classes related to animation! Sooooo cool! Can't wait to get started! :D), had the sketch party with a bunch of other character animation students(we all went around and sketched each other and later in the night just drew from our heads to work on film ideas), watched the entire 2007 character animation Producer's Show(So inspiring to watch), had another mini-sketch party, and then a character student told us some haunted tales surrounding CalArts and also certain areas of the character animation cubes(some of these are really freaky). Oh yeah Freshmen now sign up for cubes on Tuesday.....should be interesting how busy that day will be since there's also classes at the SAME time and also another entire character animation orientation meeting----also at the SAME time.

Just quickly to go in-depth on the character meetings that took place today:
All of the freshmen animation students met in the Palace along with some faculty and also some upper class men(they didn't need to be there, but they were kind enough to show up and welcome us---though as they put it "We just want to know your face so we don't think you're a stranger out to steal our stuff"). Once we settled in the faculty had an in-depth talk with us about what to expect during our time here and basically to work hard, but also find that needed balance in your life between work and play to survive your time here. They explained some of the history of CalArts and what the future holds for us. They discussed how we may be classmates now, but in the very near future will be our coworkers for the rest of our careers. It was very exciting to hear about the road ahead of us and also how everyone is so open and friendly, everyone I've met so far has been very generous with their time and have been very patient with us silly freshmen. Also, like I mentioned earlier, we received our character animation required class schedules, so JUST the classes for animators, not critical studies, etc.---that's on Friday for me; the schedule holds 8 classes all adding up to 15 credits. Times range from 9 in the morning until 10 at night and all of them meet just once a week. Once I get my official schedule I'll post it. :) Anyways, another busy day at CalArts and I'm just about dying to get into a cube and get animatin'!

P.S. I really need to write these posts when I'm not about ready to fall over from exhaustion----the typos.....the typos. D:


Cindey said...

jen jenny jennifer
glad to see that you've been writing all of this down! I haven't been writing, I usually do in a journal or something, but now your blog will have to serve as a reminder of what I was doing for the first couple of days hehe.
my blog is pretty dead at the moment.

Jennifer said...

Oh no it's Cindey! Those Canadians! Following me everywhere! :P
Yeah write! Update! Haha. Bring that ol' blog back from the dead! Well see ya at 3.