Sunday, September 16, 2007

Second Week Summary

So my second week at Cal Arts has come to an end and I've just been busy attending classes, doing my homework, and enjoying the animation world. :)

On Friday I had Story for Animators and so far it seems like another pretty cool class, not as great as the traditional animation class, but it might help me with developing stories. After this class I buried myself away in my cube and started in on all of my homework I had to do. I did finish my Jiminy Cricket inbetween homework, however I'm having computer problems uploading it so instead, you get to see two stills I did:

Kind of looks like the ol' cricket(the second image is as far as the animation goes). Afterwards, I finished my flipbook animation, roughed-out a storyboard assignment(finishing it today), finished off my perspective piece, selected some animations to show in my computer animation class on Tuesday(Batty will live on! Along with Lt. Dan!), and completed my pencil test paper-cut out animation. Did all of this homework over the past 2 days and just for my Mom: I didn't have to pull an all-nighter or anything, always back in the dorm by like 11. :)

On Saturday a VERY popular tradition took place. The infamous Dodgeball games began! This game was founded by a past character animation class and has been growing ever since. Last night was SOOOO much fun, about 25-30 people all gathered on the tennis courts and after introducing ourselves(about 98% of the people were from the character animation department)---the games began! We divided ourselves into various groups throughout the night(team names that come to mind: D.C. v.s. Marvel Comics*Batman v.s. Spiderman insults mainly*, Disneyland v.s. SixFlags, Pants v.s. Shorts, 1's v.s. 2's, etc.). It was a great way to end the week and meet some new faces of the upperclassmen. I forgot to bring my camera this time, but never fear dodgeball is scheduled every Saturday from 7-9pm, so I'll be sure to photograph the action next time! =)

Well that's pretty much it, I'll work on getting my short inbetween homework online later this week. So ta ta for now!

P.S. I never did post what the hallway outside my cube looks like:

(I'm the first curtain on the right)

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