Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just another update

So...a lot took place since this morning. Went down to the library orientation and got there early(by about 10minutes) however, across the hall is the character animation area---the door was actually open today so I snuck in for bit and talked to the occasional student and just kind of absorbed the atmosphere. It's still so extremely weird that I'm an actual student here, I still feel like I'm visiting and that at the end of the day I'll be kicked out or something. A bit of the reality has sunk in a little more, but I keep expecting the fun to end and suddenly have to leave campus the next day(not too say Oregon wasn't fun, it's fantastic...but yeah I can't even describe the feeling). Alright, so after browsing the hall I headed back over to the library and for the next hour got to see all kinds of cool things----the film/video library area is AWESOME, the area is like a normal study room like in a normal library only with a bunch of TVs(some flat screen) and the chairs are actual movie theater like seats. Can't wait to use those guys! After the library orientation I headed upstairs after running into several character animation freshmen from the day before and we made our way to the cafeteria for the BFA lucheon event. After we literally turned a corner we ran into a whole gangle of freshmen character animation students and we all immediately decided to join forces and spend the entire lunch just chatting about animation(future plans, if anyone has a film idea yet, etc.) and just getting to know each other---at one point the believed head count of JUST freshmen character students was like 26(we're planning on meeting every freshmen character student by the end of the week). We ended up pushing 4 tables together and forming this giant weaving line of character animation students(a couple experimental animation students joined us every so often). Everyone hung out until 1:30ish and long after the rest of the CalArts students had left the cafeteria we made our way around campus just talking and joking around, etc. Around 2:30 we decided to meet in the sub level(the area with all drawings and paintings on the walls) and look at each others' sketchbooks----everyone is sooooooo talented. Just looking at the other sketchbooks made me wish I could start drawing right then. At 4 there was a new student meeting and we all made our way upstairs to an auditorium and listened to various information about our upcoming school year as BFA students and how things are run on campus. Our group stuck together and eventually made our way to a dinner type event where we hung around and ate, played games, and then added everyone into each others' cell phones(I now have like 20 new contacts). We spent the rest of the night wandering around to various places with lights and spending oodles of time talking pure character animation while pondering the many unique aspects of the universe. The group has already decided to hold a sketch party tomorrow after we meet with the faculty and our mentors of the character animation department. After that we're hoping to figure out a way to view 2007's Producers Character Animation Show and then go from there. It's been so much fun and extremely inspiring being around people who are equally passionate about character animation and want to hit the animation cubes and start working ASAP. I'm starting to get used to the campus now and really want to start animating, I'm itching to start in on the massive workload. Anyways, the freshmen character animation class so far has been awesome and look forward to experiencing my first year(and then some) with these guys! Well I'm off to bed, critical study meeting for incoming students starts at 9 tomorrow and I have yet to get a full night's sleep.

P.S. Rumor has it that the animation cube sign-up day is this coming Monday at 10 a.m. should be very entertaining.

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