Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Big Day

Just a side note to remember what happened 6 years ago today. I still remember waking up and being the first person in the house to hear what happened(used to have a radio alarm clock). I was in 8th grade.....just feels weird thinking what I was like back then, and where I am today. My sympathies continue to go out to the families and friends of the victims of 9/11.

First day of the semester started yesterday! My morning started off in the computer labs with a class titled "Animation Production" with Ernst. It seems like a really interesting class, during the first class we covered the syllabus(learning After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro mainly) and then learned how to use a pencil test machine. Seems like a good class to start off the week. Afterwards, we had Basic Perspective with Hansen.....wow. I can just tell I'm going to learn some valuable information from the class. Very inspiring. And finally ended the "day" with Story Development with Kindregan, between Basic Perspective and this class I'm going to be bursting with knowledge. He had us doing story board exercises and already I have an assignment requiring 10 boards based on a storyline he gave us. He was very energetic and very quick with the jokes. Kept everyone in good spirits! Definitely looking forward to my Mondays---that's for sure! Afterwards the infamous insanity of cube sign-ups began. I was 7th in line and spent the night hanging out with other freshmen as we wittled away the hours with working on homework, drawing each other, much dancing, reading, and occasionally sleeping(we did actually sleep, I got about 4 hours!) Here's a picture taken around 1 a.m:

By 6 a.m. we were up to 25 or so people waiting to sign up for cubes at 10 a.m. I actually don't regret spending the night with the other freshmen, I had fun AND it all paid off! At 1 p.m. I became the proud animator of this little SINGLE-PERSON cubicle:

Close-up of the W.I.P. desk(I'll take a picture of the desk once I get my disc on Friday):

Oh yeah and the street sign I'm located on:

On my second class day here, I had Color and Design I with Hobaica.....another inspiring class and another fun teacher. Our homework involves flipbooks. From what I can tell all of my classes(excluding my literature class tomorrow) are all tailored towards helping you on your yearly film, which is really cool and helpful since that April deadline is coming ever closer. Oh yeah and there was another department meeting for the character animation department where we discussed proper cube fire safety, all of the new mac labs and other new shiny electronic equipment, film requirements (up to 90 seconds with an additional 9 seconds for credits), AND which companies are planning on coming to the guest lectures that are held throughout the semester. According to the department there will be 5 Pixar lectures(rumors of in-depth Ratatouille discussions came up!) 3 Disney lectures, and then I'm sure a couple misc. they didn't mention. We also are getting FREE animation paper on Friday morning from Dreamworks! Pretty swell of them. Anyways, super excited about my lovely little cube and the upcoming school year! Well I have computer animation tonight and I need to go work on my cube and complete some more homework! Probably update again this weekend! TO THE CUBE.....

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