Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Big Trip

As promised here's a big ol' photo post with a little commentary(DORM INTERNET WORKS!):

Oregon sent me off the night before with a bit of a thunderstorm, quite cool---this one kept missing the area I live in so I only saw pretty clouds and heard the thunder, but still here's a couple pictures:

The Next Morning we packed the ol' car up(yeah we could only use our side-mirrors while driving, not very fun in heavy traffic):



And instead of getting off at the offramp like I used to for school I just kept heading straight. So goodbye for now Ashland and SOU. =)

Hello California!

Just a pretty picture, one of many taken on the trip, but I'll only post a few. ;)

Check all THAT traffic out, it kept going for like 10 miles!

The infamous California windmills!

A certain school is just beyond these hills. =)

My Mom is in the car now and so I'm now in the backseat, thus the odd shot. But still---LOOK at that sign!

My sweet little dorm, I snagged the bed on the left. So here's the before. And then:

the after, still moving things around and I found out this morning that duct tape does NOT hold anything onto these walls so I'll need to buy something else....

Well that's pretty much it, hung out with a BUNCH of students yesterday and I'm convinced I met like 99% of the freshmen character animation students they were everywhere! So I've made a bunch of friends already and we're all hoping on meeting and looking at each others' sketchbooks soon, until then we just geeked out over animation talk and roamed the main building and each others' dorms until 9 at night until we all departed to our separate dorm resident meetings(much hilarity occured here, nobody could figure out the dorm hallway navigation, we kept getting so lost! Other than how to get to my dorm from the main building, I'm still lost. haha.). Well I have a library orientation thing to get to at 11 and then another lucheon for BFA peeps! See ya around!

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