Sunday, September 2, 2007


The hotel room has internet so yeah---MADE IT! 11 hour drive, WAY too hot though, so humid and hot(107 degrees!). Already drove around campus even though it's a ghost-town. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. it'll be a different story.

Pictures will come once I find the cord to connect the camera to the computer. Valencia has quite the assortment of shopping centers....we spotted at least 5 Starbucks and then 3 Panda Express among other places within the area. Just had lunch at Johnny Rockets---very yummy. Well the next time I'll post it'll be within CalArts' walls! :D


Cali said...

YEAAAAH Way to go, cinn ;) lol Look at you! I'm so proud XD XD Have a blast and good luck!!

Jennifer said...

HAHA! Oh Katie390 you MUST bring that name up eh? haha, well you will certainly have a front row seat on my little misadventures. ;) Hey I'm proud of you too! We've both come a long way since those old online!

Joseph Blake said...

Hi Jen,

... congrats on making it into Cal Arts. My name is Joseph Blake and I'm a graduate of Rhode Island School Design's Illustration department and applying to Cal Arts Character Animation this fall for the Fall '08 year. I stumbled upon your blog and thought it was awesomely inspiring...

Hope you are still not up, haha, but that's definitely how it goes at art school.

if you get an opportunity to view some of my pictures, or you just get bored for a minute, here's a link:

take it easy