Tuesday, November 13, 2007

With a hip-hip and a hippity-hop

And I now present my 3D animation snowman....

Details: Just a stack of parented polygons animated. He wanted it to bounce across the stage and then melt. Everything else was up to us. So yeah, we now are going to work with a rig so this is here to compare with when I get my hands on a rigged snowman. This will probably be the last animation that I use the "S" key or autokey on....the teacher solely likes "right-click>key selected" details. He dissects it down to the last tangent so he caught my "cheat"....this new technique is supposedly really useful when working with very complicated rigs(he mentioned tonight how he's talked to Pixar animators and has structured the class based on their feedback. We might get to work with the super-complicated "Cal" Pixar rig at the end of the year. He's really pushing that graph editor and clean splines, etc.). Well, I still have my big ol' bear animation to work on for traditional animation and I'll be sure to post that on Thursday once I finish. It's off to a good start, some size issues, but the frantic movements and facial stuff are working nicely. Still have to add the piranhas.

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Cali said...

That's ADORABLE. I love how he adjusts his hat :D