Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bit of an Exciting Update

Another guest lecture has been announced! Two actually:
The first is a Pixar animator named Dan Holland whose credits include The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and the upcoming movie---Wall*E! Going to be GREAT! Super excited!

The other is a Flash guest lecture by the company that produces a lot of those animated TV commercials, like E*surance. I forgot the company name, but nonetheless outta be a blast!
So Friday is going to be packed, Flash lecture from 5-7 and then Dan Holland from 7-10! AND family is visiting this weekend! So in light of all of these upcoming events---have some fat bears:

For traditional animation this week we have to draw a fat character in 20(I have 21) poses and also do another version where it's all blacked-out to show silhoette. He also wanted us to use reference pictures so see if you can spot poses based on things like: Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp(Libertine, Jack Sparrow, Mort Rainey in particular), etc. oh and for Robert in particular---there's some more COWBELL in there. ;) Others I did straight from my head because they usually turn out much better then when I base a pose off of an image.

Some are a little more successful than others, and yes, whenever a silhouette assignment comes up an iPod rip-off with be done! haha.Well my Ratatouille DVD arrived in my mailbox today so I'm off to make some dinner and chill for a bit before conquering my Story questionnaire.

Also five weeks until my final animatic is due! I'm still fretting over story ideas because while I like my original story, I want to add more "heart" to it, but the more I try to add to the story, the more epic it becomes(which is want simple according to all of my teachers)... granted I'm just happy to have an idea that works, I plan on doing another pass on the storyboards this coming week and do a second pass on my animatic...hopefully get some backgrounds roughed out too.....I'm getting really excited over my film, everyone is starting to dive into their projects and the teachers have officially shifted into student film mode and are incorporating film development into their lectures and showing some really inspiring work-- Well I'll be sure to write a post on all of the lectures ASAP until then, night!

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