Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fox Run

For my perspective class tomorrow, supposed to do a box and an incline in perspective---the rest is up to us, so a fox raiding a chicken-coop was my first choice. =) Those vanishing points are too close, but otherwise it's working out. I enjoyed the fox and the bug-eyed chickens more than the actual incline or coop. Also, Happy Day-Light Savings! Yay one more hour to work on things!

Also, yay to big scanners! I thought maybe I'd post something that wasn't taken by my camera...the computers labs have several huge scanners so a large sheet of animation paper was no problem for them(to give you an idea of size, the fox can just barely fit in the palm of your hand). My little scanner can fit inside these scanners about 10 times over. haha.

Okay, back to Word---I have a 6 page paper to write!

Quick Edit: New Spline Doctors Podcast! Go have a listen----also check this audio interview out with John Lassester and Co. in particular, the part where he discusses 3D animation and how it's just like 2D. Both interviews are very inspiring.


Car2oon said...

Heh, I really love the chickens, what fun it would be to animate them scrambling for their lives :D

I was wondering, got any life drawings to show?

amelia said...

Hey it was great to meet you this weekend! I hope I can come back down for the Open Show in April or May to see everyone's finished films. Your dance looks AMAZING! I was laughing out loud. Looks great!