Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cal Arts' Halloween Bash

So from 7:30p.mish until 1:30a.m. I've been hanging out with the character animation gang and making the most of the Cal Arts' Halloween Party. It was quite the started at the lodge, hanging out with upper-classmen and then around 10 we all went into the main building where the party was happening. My ears are still ringing, my feet hurt from wearing boots with heels(very stupid on my part)....and my lungs are probably going to need like a week before all the smoke clears my lungs(when walking outside it was basically a giant wall of smoke as about 60 people all smoked outside.) I'm not going to go into too much detail on the actual party...I remember everything(I stuck to water, personally. Some people didn't exactly restrain themselves---I'll just leave it at that), it's more of a "had to have been there" kind of night. It was fun. Quick summary:

Went as a pirate(of course...can't think outside the box on that one).
I saw costumes like: Cleopatra, robots, Freddy Kruger, Kiki, Totoro, a guy dressed AS YouTube, Ghostbusters, The Witch King(from LOTR), Sally(from Nightmare before Christmas), Snow White, Willy Wonka(x3), Jack Sparrow(x10---lots of guy pirates walking around), Edward Scissorhands(x1), Hobos, Kirk Fog(From Legends of the Hidden Temple*best 90's game show EVER!* PURPLE PARROTS!), LOTS of guys dressed as women(I lost count after Marlyn Monroe dropped his melon...),Superman(x3), etc. As the night wore on, things got a little weird and I won't say how skimpy some costumes got(or lack of costume at all)......
Couple teachers were rumored to have shown up, I did see my Monday night Story teacher on the dance floor. Which turned into one massive gangle of character animators all jumping up and down and rocking out to whatever music was was epic.
Got in a HUGE discussion about animation with a whole group of fellow character animators.(this was about 20 minutes before we all hit the dance floor). It was epic and GREAT! Where else can you get into an in-depth discussion of today's animation and how the industry needs a good jump-start all while a HUGE party was taking place around us???
Once the alchol took effect, things got a little loose with some people. It was easy to see who was drunk vs. not....tomorrow will be a ghost-town before 6pmish I'm sure.
Otherwise, here are some very quick doodles I drew when I got back to the quiet dorm room...all from my memory(no cameras allowed, sorry):

So here's Snow White......

And then several characters:

Yes that's a Totoro, it was a foam Totoro walking around...brilliant.
I did snap a picture of a blurry version of where all of the dancing took place in the main building.....kind of get a sense of how cool it was:

Well night, I plan on being back in the cube at like 10's going to be such a ghost-town tomorrow! haha.

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