Thursday, November 15, 2007

Have a Bear

Just posting my bear animation. I cut-out probably 60% of the animation I had intended to use, this part is the only part I thought worked best. I lost inspiration about mid-way through this and initially I thought it looked alright, but now that I'm watching it again.....I'm not very eager for the critique tonight.
Ever see an X-sheet? Yes, no...maybe so? How about an old version sheet from the bear animation(the actual animation is in the 80s as far as how many drawings I used just for the bear):

And the ever imposing stack of animation paper used for the bear, this includes the background, bear, piranhas, and water effects:

And in more entertaining news:
Disney is coming to CalArts tomorrow. According to the sign they're giving us a early screening of the 2d short "How to Hook-Up your Home Theater." The directors are scheduled to come and maybe some of the big animators might show up! Very excited to see this little return to 2D animation. Here's a pretty cool article on it. Anyways, I'll be sure to post something after tomorrow night.

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