Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Break Report

Had a fantastic time---definately great being back home, even if it was short. After arriving at the airport I stopped by my Mom's work and said hello to everyone. Then went back home for a bit to drop off luggage and of course to see if Annie remembered me. Around 3 I hopped in my car and drove over to visit with friends before coming back home to a delicious home-cooked meal! That night we watched Ratatouille since my Step-dad hadn't seen it yet. Even after seeing this film several times now, I still really enjoy it. Had Thanksgiving at our house, which was nice and relaxing. Next day was spent entirely at home, completely away from Black Friday madness(haha), and opted for storyboarding my homework assignment(65 panels! Not for my film), later my parents and I decided to watch Monster's Inc. Saturday was spent hanging out with friends and drawing at the mall(fantastic place to go for studying movement for my kid animation) and then we went and saw Enchanted. I enjoyed seeing 2D animation back on the big screen, overall it was a pretty good movie. Came home and worked on my film storyboards before watching Raising Arizona(recommended by Pixar people, and I now can see why). Packed up my stuff afterwards and at the bright and early time of 7 am I was flying over Southern Oregon. Safely landed at LAX around 9 am and reached CalArts/my cube about 10am where I've since been working on a couple leftover homework assignments. But I just have my animation homework and film left so I'm chillin' the rest of the night. Well, it was great seeing everyone again and I'll be back in town before you Oregon people know it!(18 days to be exact, haha...make that 18 crazy busy days.) Anyways, good to be back in my cube and of course a thank you to my CalArts buds for the warm welcome and airport pick-up. It was of course great seeing the CalArtians again. Everyone is starting to trickle in from their own vacations and tomorrow CalArts will return to its' old self. So anyways, here's how I spent part of my morning:

Finishing this perspective piece that I started before break:

Here's the colored version I did this morning and I'm turning in tomorrow:

Poor squirrel can't catch a break when it comes to hiding his acorn!

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