Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Sunday!

So this weekend my Mom and Step-Dad visited and got a first hand look of CalArts in session. Got to hear the Friday lecture, see my fellow CalArtians, the Maya labs, that my "Fox Run" perspective assignment made it into the character animation hallway display case, my cube, dorm, etc. Loads of fun and it was great seeing them after many weeks of pure communication through just phone-calls and emails. Well today they took me off campus and we visited MOCA(Museum of Contemporary Art) and looked at the various featured artist galleries. While looking at the work on the walls, I also took in some people studies(drawing them later once back on campus). So now I present my last page in my sketchbook(it took me maybe 4 weeks to fill this 100 page thing!):

Two kinds of observers. One is more precise and mathematical(the kind that haunts every corner of an art gallery, or in this case a Jackson Pollock piece)...the other tends to observe the odder things of life(like pigeons hanging around in the middle of a busy intersection). I also tried something kind of new, coloring a caricature in Photoshop---interesting, but I still prefer my watercolors. :) Alright, time to really scrub the dorms down---inspections this week.

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