Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sam Lowry

Okay, seriously...has anybody seen this Lowry? Sergio has been asking this for over a month now!

So here's my final version...certainly an improvement from my WIP posting. I'll probably keep tweaking this guy for my end of the year demo reel--like that pause after his first Lowry. Still bugging me...still floating too much! But I'm ready to move onto the next assignment: Two person dialogue. Should be an epic battle I'm sure.

An example of the thumbnails I based my final lip sync off of. The last page that I included is what I settled on. I tried to explore just about every possibility for his acting. Even then, after all this planning his acting continued to change once I got into Maya---whether to accommodate the rigs' limitations(and there were plenty of them) or the sound clip really didn't call for that many gestures, etc.