Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big Birthday Wishes

Since flying back to CalArts on Wednesday, I've pretty much hit the ground running. I've been hacking away on my "Things to do before I start animating on my Film" list. Class sign-ups also came up fast resulting in a stressful Thursday morning, and I also have been putting the finishing touches on some artwork for the upcoming Character Animation gallery show! I'll post about all this stuff a little later today, or tomorrow....for now though, here's a corgi I drew for my brother's birthday, which is today:

I decided to just include the dog and not my canine-related text humor that my brother gets to enjoy. Dog-gone good times! Anyways, I'm off to buy some black illustration board....

Oh! In blog-related news---this blog has surpassed 10,000 views! So a big thank you to everyone stopping by from all corners of the globe! I always really appreciate it. :)


Miles Inada said...

hit it running, then stumble and spin out of control to the finish line for the victory!

Gregory said...

Haha, love the corgi!

Thanks Jenny!