Friday, January 23, 2009

My Thursday... pictures. I decided to document my entire day, so without further ado--my pretty busy Thursday!

7:33 am: Time to wake up!

8:30 am: Leaving the apartment.View from the stairs.

8:40 am: Hello cube!

What I'm currently working on. Eventually Mister Gideon(the cat from Pinocchio) here, will be talking in a couple o' weeks---right now I'm refining his main keys.

12:30 pm: Lunch break.

1:00 pm: In the Windows' lab for class.

6:15 pm: Dinner and Daily Show back at the apartment.

7:00 pm: James Baxter guest lecture! That giant white area is projecting the scene he was animating for us(it was a rabbit hopping up onto a tree branch---incredible work! From beginning to end).

9:45 pm: Character Animation Gallery Show opening! The rest of the images are from the rest of the night and should give you an idea of how crazy things were.

Around 11 the caricature area was setup and anyone could sit-down and draw.

Bands played.

1:00 am: Came back to the apartment. The party was still going strong when I left....

1:19 AM: Time for bed!

So that was my Thursday in a nutshell! Pretty fun day! And now I need to head back down to lifedrawing...

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