Friday, December 12, 2008

End of the Semester! Year 2

Winter break has arrived and fall semester went out with many laughs after many days of work and stress. Finals included my 2nd year film animatic which is coming together really well. Very happy with how it's going and am dying to start animating! Also, animated to dialogue for both my 2D and 3D classes which was exciting even if the results are still WIPs(we're going to keep refining the work in January). Many long hours in the cube and labs, but it all paid off and went by so fast that I'm still stunned it's December! I'll see about doing a class review post in about a week. For now, department winter break party shenanigans!

Last night was the annual character animation holiday party and much fun was at hand. The entire student body came together for a night of the 1st year animated showcase(Great job guys! Really enjoyed watching your work!), piñata bashing, raffles, games, and basically celebrating the end of the semester!

The piñata this year featured the ever popular Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

The moment he hit the ground he didn't stand a chance and was annihilated. Afterwards was the raffle where a variety of goodies were given out---I managed to win a CalArts' t-shirt! Woo! The rest of the night was spent in the company of my fellow animators before I headed back to my apartment at about midnight to go pack because I had a 9am flight back to my homebase:

OREGON! It's also bone-chillingly cold here. I was welcomed in by a mix of rain and a few snowflakes! So winter break is underway and I'm jetting off with my family tomorrow for an entirely different climate! More details in a week, with what I hope to be many stories, pictures, and sketches!

Here are some past designs for Maki's Character Design class:

He gave us 3 breeds of dogs(Poodle, Dachshund, Pharaoh Hound) that we had to design. I forgot to scan my other designs and my zoo designs are believed to be stolen, which is just cruel. I actually liked those. And now onto the moving section of this post:

The clip is from the movie Brazil. Still WIP. I have a "To-Fix" list that's about 12 points long. We'll be wrapping this assignment up by mid-January.

And then Daffy is here to wrap things up! He's got a slightly smaller "to-fix" list that'll also be addressed in January. At least he's pretty close to the model-sheet.

Well until next post--Mele Kalikimaka!


Sara said...

That's just fantastic! Great job!

Ashley Stringer said...

i agree Fantastic work, i hope i can do something like this soon.

i wish my University has that awesome working environment as well.

i think when i do my masters I'll see if i can change the course so it is like that but its not going to be easy.

keep up the great work.