Friday, January 16, 2009

First week Report

I just wrapped up my first week and yet it didn't feel like just one week, but several. Hooray for a 3-day weekend though! All the classes are off and racing at break-neck speed to the point where it does not feel like winter break even happened! Most of my classes are continuations from last semester, but there's one new class that was really phenomenal and while it'll be a very challenging class, I'll still be looking forward to it every's Stephen Silver's Character Design class. The first night was primarily an introduction to both the class and of course himself(started out as a San Diego zoo caricature artist and is now a top of the line designer on a whole spectrum of projects), but he also outlined what he intends to accomplish in the next 12 weeks. The goals involved hours of drawing, both during class and outside of class(our weekly assignment is 5 pgs of observational studies---nothing from your imagination.)---it should be a really motivating and valuable class.

Aside from that, I've been dealing with minor set-backs related to my film(sorry, I'm not going to give out specifics). CalArts has a habit of doing that---if you're real lucky, then it'll happen several times in one day! Still aiming to start animating next weekend. At this point I'm adopting the phrase,"Ready or not, here I come!" So hopefully no more setbacks or second-guessing. Actually, next week is shaping up to be one giant dose of sheer animated goodness--no details will be posted here...I'd hate to jinx it, but take my word for it---it should be mind-blowing. :)

Tomorrow the Character Animation gallery show goes up! I've been busy printing/framing the pieces that'll be hanging as of tomorrow night. The actual "opening" is Thursday night(1/22), starting around 7 if anyone is in the area, come check it out---everyone is really raising the bar this year. Should be an inspiring night.

Another little piece I'm including. Thank you Kauai beach-goers!

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