Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oliver Twist Line-Up

My depictions of three assigned characters from Oliver Twist:


Artful Dodger

And lil Oliver himself. Started by basing my design after the actor Freddie Highmore.
And now in color!

We were given handouts with descriptions of each character and of course Google was a dear friend while I drew these up. Overall, while Oliver and Fagin's designs were well-received(things to tone-down like Oliver's ginormous ears and Fagin's over the top insanity--like he could just errupt into incoherent ramblings at any given moment, which isn't his character at all)...Dodger definitely was stronger(just needed to watch how I handled his coat---too bath-robeish---and draw his hat more in the style of that era. Too 70's on his rim). Absolutely a very fun project...the amount of work that was pinned up on the walls was staggering---the critique lasted until 11:15 at night and we started at 7!

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Amy Caine said...

your drawings are incredible!