Monday, January 5, 2009

Under way...

Winter break is quickly coming to an end...I fly back on Wednesday and face the upcoming job of animating my film! This also means I need to get back into drawing mode fast...

One huge task is getting a handle on Otis' design. I've noticed a lot of Daffy's design elements leaking into my drawings of Otis(some good, some really bad). One disadvantage to studying one character for awhile---traits bleed into other characters. So I need to get back onto Otis' non-Daffy influenced design stat.

Also spending time on understanding crocodiles in general. On this study, I was focusing on how their front legs work and how the arms relate to body/head movement.

Here's a squirrelly character. A couple pages of my sketchbook have been claimed by some pretty psychotic squirrels--like this one! It should make sense by the end of the month though.

And, after studying crocodiles and drawing demented critters, I spent some time sketching my cat Annie as she obsessively played with her tail last night. It was adorable and time well spent.

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Cindey said...

that squirrel is amazing. i would like to see more of him.
and i do sense the spirit of daffy in otis haha. ahhh i'm so scared and totally NOT ready for this semester!