Friday, January 2, 2009

Kid Drawings!

Inspired by my friend, Kristen. I decided to dig up some old sketchbooks from my closest. It was quite the eyeopener and highly entertaining on my part. I don't have any drawings from my very early drawing days. Before the age of 10, I didn't draw in a sketchbook--printer paper, or any scrap of paper was good enough for me...even the carpet was thought to be fair game. Though, in my defense, I was REALLY tiny and I stopped using that particular surface after drawing number one. So without further ado, and for entertainment purposes only---drawings I did between the ages of 11-13:

1999--I was 11 years old and big on conquering realism:

I remember being extremely proud of this leopard. I worked for DAYS on this and thought it was the greatest thing I had ever done. I wasn't too fond of the foxes though.

While I worked on my realism, I would loyally return to my cartooney-side. Age range is between 11 up to 13:

Look Kristen! Horses!

And of course I would literally draw inspiration from my own pets---like, Kiwi!

You get that worm, Kiwi!
Well, this was a scary surprise:

A 12 year olds' attempt at Pinocchio! And to compare, here's Pinocchio again. Only these were drawn this past October(roughly 8 years later--omg, only 8???):

And here's a fun one! So, my film character this year is a crocodile by the name of Otis. Well, here's Otis' purely accidental ancestry:

How I drew crocodiles 8-9 years ago!

Also a fun find--my very first storyboards! FYI: This is the exact order that they appear in my sketchbook. Read on, it's life-changing:

I apparently decided to shift gears and go back to horses. Or my thinking was, "And then a BIG unicorn appears!" Or it's a commercial break, just as things get interesting...

The End.
Phew! Apparently my tendency to watch nature documentaries paid off.

Anyways, I encourage anyone to voluntarily take up the torch and post some of their own drawings from a galaxy far far away! It's a fantastic way to ring in the New Year!


kristen said...

THESE ARE AWESOME! So awesome that I will continue to abuse the capslock! AHH SO COOL :D

Gerald said...

Wow, you've really kept a lot of your childhood sketches -I'm jealous. I only have 1 sketch when I was around 8yrs old. It's fun looking back at the time-line of how much your style progresses and gets stronger. Thanks for stopping by my blog & the kind comment - Cheers! to a happy new year - 2009.

Cindey said...

ahaha these are great. so fun to look at!
everyone went through that realism stage huh?
i'll try to dig up some of my old stuff next time i go home, i guess this summer.

Jenessa said...

Jennifer I love these! They are so fun. It looks like you and Kristen had a similar passion for unicorns!