Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lights Out--the Adventure

Oddly enough, I had my camera with me on Friday so here are a couple pictures of the events that took place:

First off, like I said before, I spent my morning out sketching Valencia people. These two drawings are my favorites out of the handful that I did. I kid you not on how vibrant her pants really were....I loved her pose, so hilarious along with the faces she was making as she read her book(never caught the title).

The father had this black plastic bag that he kept opening for his son. Never took the item(s) of interest out though---maybe something else to match their ensemble?

Beautiful day for drawing too. Already in the 70s around 11 in the morning. A shot of the bridge I walked across to get to the people...

4pm: and off the electricity goes---

An example of how dark it got in some areas of the department. This is Keane street, the street that I'm on(Disney Walk) had a little more light, but obviously by 6pm everything was pitch black except for the emergency lights(some lights were on, but only for stairs, some hallways, and the main gallery). By 7pm an exciting game of badminton commenced in the main gallery:

This above picture gives a better sense of how much light we had in the gallery. Still made it hard to see the birdie though.

It's now approaching 9:30 and the topic of ghosts and haunted places come up. 4 of us decided to venture away from the main gallery and head into the most haunted place at CalArts---the Modular Theatre or Mod as it's called. Earlier I had run back to my dorm and grabbed my flashlight, it came in really handy while exploring the Mod. Sadly didn't take a lot of photos, however here's a shot of what it looked like under the stage(had to use the flash to see anything). Looking back over this, It would have been really creepy to suddenly find a person in here----

Otherwise we explored from ceiling to floor, climbed a couple staircases, etc. no ghosts, secret compartments containing Walt Disney's frozen head, or anything spooky like that. We did find a piano and started playing "Grim Grinning Ghosts" and other such haunted tunes on it while describing our own stories with the supernatural(living in haunted houses, etc.). It was a lot of fun and by the time we came back out an eerie fog had formed outside the main building--it was drizzling too(this photo does not do this scene any justice).

Otherwise, we joined the rest of the animators in the Palace, and watched cheesy movies while playing Risk once the power came back on shortly after 10. Pretty fun night---okay film calls--for my own schedule I have 18 days to complete the rest of my actual animating stage!


Car2oon said...

lol! What an adventure!

amelia said...

Yeah! Girl, you are SO making me want to be there right now ;)

Jennifer Harlow said...

Car2oon: Yeah it was something! Hopefully no more adventures like this one until AFTER the deadline! lol!

Amelia: Haha! Well hopefully you'll be able to join in next year on our excursions to the deepest regions of CalArts eh??? Can't wait to hear how you do---the big day is almost here! :)