Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Suddenly I see, this is what I wanna be!"

Edit at 6:30: We talked about 3D animation in my Animation and the Body class today and the teacher shared this really cool short with us: 9 It's a spooky one so heads up
Best if you watch this in a dark room. The rest of the class was spent watching parts of Toy Story at half speed and looking at how both the toys and humans were handled. Really cool....oh the eye blinks. haha.

Just finished meeting with my assigned mentor(Leo Hobaica) about my went really well, still not completely perfect(and honestly never will be. There'll always be something to fix--as with anything), after a second viewing, he picked out scenes that "bothered" him and he framed-by-framed them; pointing out specific issues and why they're detracting from what I have so far(only was able to show the first 55 seconds. Not quite ready to show the next half). Just from his critique: 3 more things to fix---still have other issues I need to address, just need to get this film fully animated before I go back and fix such things. Feeling really jazzed though(like back in November when my story class "tore" my boards apart) and my mind is all fired up and dying to finish my two last scenes so I can A) Share the next half and continuing getting such fantastic feedback from people like my mentor. And B) Fix what I have so far and make it sing(at least be able to sit back and watch Fight or Flight comfortably). Going to be one VERY busy weekend--not going NEAR the internets until probably Tuesday--so going to be a little quiet around this blog. Do expect a nice little guest lecture update next week though, Gary Trousdale is coming by tomorrow night so that out to be fun. Anyways, two classes are left for today--Animation and the Body and Traditional Animation. Actually, it's just about time to head on over to that first class.....

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