Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Bottomless Pit Calls!

Oh the entertaining stories I'm hearing from my Mom about our cat Annie(Butter Boat). These quick doodles are dedicated to our cat's daily 5 am routine outside of my parent's bedroom door.

Which will quickly give way to this

A few agonizing seconds pass, not a peep from behind the door, and Annie is reduced to a rocking lump:

However, fear not for our young hero, this tail has a happy ending--once the parents wake up, head downstairs and fill Annie's a blink of an eye(before you could even sketch this event)--she's eaten her fill and happy once more:

At least for the next hour.....haha.

Alright, life drawing in 8 hours! Yeah, definately time for bed....


Brian B said...

lol! I love these drawings, especially her eyes. Reminds me of Chuck Jones.

Kristina M said...

Oh man, I definitely feel you on the crying behind the door part, haha! Kitties have such hard lives.

These are awesome!! And so squishy.

Jennifer Harlow said...

Brian: Aww thank you! Yeah Chuck Jones is a favorite of mine so his influence can definately be seen in a lot of my work. :)

Kristina: It's even better when my parents are out of town and I'm now the food dispenser. She knows immediately if there's been a "changing of the guard" lol. Squishy cats are the best! And hey, thanks for stopping by and stay away from any BITES! ;)