Monday, March 31, 2008

BIG week ahead of me

Walked out of the computer lab to three guest lecture signs posted in the character animation hallway! Coming throughout this week: Pixar, Blue Sky, and.....Andreas Deja! Pixar and Blue Sky are coming to talk about internships. Andreas Deja is coming on Friday---very excited to go to this lecture! Anyways, had to share the news---however, nothing exciting tonight, just more one-on-one time in Photoshop.


Car2oon said...

Ho-ly crap. If that's not an awesome line up , I don't know what is. God i can't wait until September~!

yezix said...

OUUU Andreas Deja! Totally jealous! Isn't April amazing? All of these recruiters coming through and seeing fellow classmates' portfolios.

How's your film coming along? I'll have to catch up on reading your blog and updating mine.

You bet I'll be sketching! I can't wait to just go and draw for fun again!

Hope everything is well with you!