Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

"Wait......I have to go OUTSIDE to hide eggs???" Because indoor easter egg hunting was never a tradition in my childhood.

Bet you didn't expect to see this fat cat again. Annie also dreads the outside world. She'll stare at the windows/doors for hours, but the second a door is opened---she bolts for the sofa. The garage was as far as she got once, and that traumatized her for life. Another figure in her life that has left his mark on her demeanor:

Kiwi--A guy that would give you quite the pinch if you tried to put bunny ears on his feathery head. Got a phone call from Kiwi's temporary home earlier and he's doing beautifully, so I felt like drawing the green meanie. One of many observations, "He's definately got more personality than any bird I've met. He honestly believes he's a person." haha, that's Kiwi. Apparently he was crawling down her pant-leg to explore the mysterious universe of her carpet.

Film goes well, lots of photoshop today....tomorrow(or I guess in a couple hours), After Effects/Final Cut. I'm mostly onto editing now, I just MIGHT have to animate some more(Ollie oddly enough), but I'm holding out until I finish this new pass at the ol' film. Most of my "battles" have been clarity in certain events in the film---I had several very fresh pair of eyes look at my film(upperclassmen pals) and no body picked up on one element. Which isn't too severe, they still laughed at the ending, got the jist of it and liked the actual animation/characters, but I'm still yanking my hair out over how to clear up the confusion. I think a week hanging out with the parents will do me a great deal of good. :) While CalArts is great, after 2+ months here, it's time to venture down from the hill my current life is focused around.

"Hello, I must be going. I cannot stay I came to say...I must be going."----if you get this reference, a pat on the back for you.

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