Friday, March 21, 2008

Meet the people of Valencia

Decided to spend my morning off campus sketching people. It was very refreshing--I simple adore sketching/observing people and implore any artists/animators out there to do it. I feel all nice and inspired plus this little trip really cleared my head again about film woes. Anyways, here are some highlights:

A little girl running around with vibrant pink bunny ears on her head(they'd occasionally fall off her head and she'd exclaim, "AHH! MY BUNNY EARS!" and then pick them up only to have them fall off probably 10 seconds later). A very tan lady that had the most interesting pose/mouth combination. She was completely wrapped up in the conversation her girlfriends were having. A lady with a velvet red jacket on. This particular jacket had gray felt cats stitched on, she stood out a tad bit compared to everyone else's apparel. Then Mr. Bank Security guard with his partner--Officer Cheez-its! I felt bad for him though, it's easily 75 degrees here, all bright and sunny---and this guy has to stand around all day(in the shade at least) and wear such a dark/thick outfit. But hey, he's got a box of Cheez-its!

It's also officially Spring Break and though I'm not going home, my parents are coming down on Monday and are going to provide a whole week full of fun activities! Can't wait!


amelia said...

Can I come sketching with you sometime, now that I guess we'll be classmates? haha
Have you heard of SketchCrawl? It's so much fun! I'm definitely going to keep doing it at CalArts. I think people might dig it.

Jenessa said...

Jennifer! Ah! Those are wonderful... I swear that you are our master of caricature drawing.

And I hope you figure out the kinks in your film.. what I saw of you animation was BEAUTIFUL

Janine Chang said...

Great observational sketches Jen! Now I feel like going out to draw random people :-)