Sunday, April 26, 2009

Captured 2009

Yesterday was the 2009 Character Animation Open Show...and what a show it was! So much fun and a lot of very fantastic films premiered. In total about 7 hours of material! It's going to be a very difficult job of deciding which films will be chosen for the upcoming Producer's Show. Here are some photos:

Some of the crowd--this was about 30 minutes before the show actually started.

The very impressive 20 foot screen the films were projected on. You could see every last pixel--coupled with surround sound---very awesome experience though I was intimidated to have my stuff shown on such a grand scale(so used to just tiny Final Cut Pro computer preview size!)

And finally, a photo of Martha Baxton introducing the show! Woo hoo!
So a great Open Show--didn't finish until close to 1 am. So congrats CalArts' students, we made it!

And now with Open Show out of the way---without further ado, here's my 2nd year film, "Captured!"

Started in June of 2008 and wasn't officially completed until April 20th, 2009. Overall a very eye-opening experience--lots of good times and a fair amount of not so good times. Again an extra special thank you to everyone who helped me get to the finish line and putting up with my relentless revisions, 3D battles, and constant questions. Since the credits are hard to read, here's a list of the people who were right there with me:

John Aquino, Andrew Bac, Kristen Campbell, Shane Corn, Marina Gardner, Dan Hansen, Leo Hobaica, Ben Huff, Jim Hull, Miles Inada, Nicole Josephian, Mike Jones, Michael Rianda, Stephen Silver, Jeff Zikry, and of course my fabulous family.

Here's a photo to give you an idea of how many drawings went into the making of this film:

This is only about 85%--the other scenes were already put away and I didn't get a chance to include them in this photo. This is primarily all of Otis' introduction up until he crawls off screen to chase the gazelle. There are a couple of scenes of the gazelle when he's in the cave, but the really big clips represent all the magazine involved scenes. The pink line indicates the actual stack. The bit below the line is a dialogue assignment and reject drawings I would erase so I could use the paper again.

Alright well now it's time to start putting a portfolio together for the upcoming Job Fair....


Jenessa said...

Congrats on your film Jennifer! I'm glad you were so secretive! Wonderful job, one of my favorites!

kristen said...

WOOOO!! Congrats my friend :D You worked so hard on this and it really paid off :) Your film is so totally awesome!! I can't wait to see your reel!

Shane said...

Thanks for the shout out.. your film was great .. Im really happy I could help :)

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful! Watching shorts from CalArts students is inspiring :)