Friday, April 17, 2009

Home Stretch

3 days left! Today is my final day tying down my last 50 drawings of my film! By 8 pm tonight everything will be scanned and ready for After Effects! Really excited to see this finally coming together after months of work and only seeing it in pieces instead of a whole scene with everything moving together.

Well back to work, but before I go here are some quick Otis stills...

Should look's the final drawing based on that rejected one I posted a while ago.

This one is one of my favorite drawings of the film...I have a couple others, but this one has lived up to what I set out to convey. Gee whiz, I wonder what has caught his attention....
For laughs---here's the corresponding storyboard for the above image:

Drawn back in like October.

Assuming everything goes smoothly(meaning the computer is working with me---not against me), by 5pm Monday I should have a complete film!

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