Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Birdie

Thought I'd hop online and wish my friends and family a very Happy Easter with my very own Easter Birdie:

Someone isn't very pleased with this wardrobe malfunction. A little shout-out to the family members who've been sending me Easter cards...definately appreciated--thanks guys! :) Sorry for the photo-booth quality. Super busy wrapping things up and I lack immediate access to a scanner.

Film status as of right now:
This past week a story issue came up while looking over my completed scenes. This resulted in a new scene being added to my to-do list...actually about 4 new scenes(they're short though). I spent today animating/cleaning these new additions up and am very happy with them.
I now have 4 other scenes(approximately 200+ drawings) to clean-up(hoping to get 2 of these done tomorrow).
4 more scenes to alpha-channel. About 8 scenes to scan into the computer. And over a dozen left to put together in After Effects. I should(fingers crossed) be editing my music/sound effects by Thursday night!

8 days to go and now it's officially time for the---

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