Friday, April 3, 2009

Cube 20

I was kindly reminded the other day that I've never posted what my cube looks like. Well the time has come. Want to know how to stay motivated and not tempted to slack or doze off?
Fill every corner with anything imaginable! I rotate the artwork out every couple of months, but otherwise this is it. Ranges from Disney/Pixar stuff, pirates/Johnny Depp, drawings my friends have done, childhood stuff, college bears(SOU/RCC represent!), the sticky notes are scene-notes that I need to address in the next week, there's also Warner Bros. artwork, etc. Not every cube is like this, but this kind of environment keeps me fired up. Okay, time to get back to working on that lion scene that's sitting on my disc.


Cindey said...

your cube is magical...
you know i really like it. haha :D
i guess i'll work on that next year... make my cube awesome like yours!

Anonymous said...

hey you have a cube all for yourself? I thought that the cubes were shared...?

Jennifer Harlow said...

Cindey---Aww! Lol. Your cube is just as magical, loads of great inspiration up on those walls.

Anon---There's a whole variety of cubes. They range from singles(like mine) to some that hold up to 4 people.